About the YouSpace

We are space enthusiasts with eyes looking to space, feet on ground and anticipating the future

Our mission 

Our mission is to help young and ambitious people interested in the Space sector to take their first steps towards achieving their goals, boosting their career and improving Europe’s competitiveness. 

Why YouSpace?

The European space industry is expanding and is in a good shape!  Development of new space applications requires wider range of experts. Therefore, the industry recruits not only engineers but also biologists, cardiologists, climatologists, computer scientists, geologists, lawyers, project managers…

However, the European space industry will be confronted during the upcoming decade with many retirements: The sector employs about 35.000 persons, the average age is 44 and the 48-58-age range represents 35% of the staff. 

Each year the European Space sector needs around 1.500 and 2.000 young graduates. Moreover, new fast growing space applications will significantly increase the demand of new specialists within the next few years. 

Therefore, the YouSpace stands for…

  • Motivating students towards scientific studies
  • Connecting Industry with academia
  • Involving Students and Young Graduates in the sector
  • Encouraging mentoring
  • Demonstrating the wide range of career opportunities in the Space sector 

If you Share our vision

  • Become a Mentor – if you are an experienced professional in the space sector
  • Support us by sending jobs opportunities, services or products, by giving donation, YouSpace is a non-profit project. 
  • Join our team - if you see how your availability can help to support our mission. 
  • Provide us with information – about interesting events, job, internship opportunities and other things that might be interesting for young professionals.