Actions & Objectives


  1. Anticipate the development of the space sector in order to inform the Masters students and young professionals about the wide range of job opportunities.
  2. Build up a strong team spirit via an active networking between students, young and senior professionals.
  3. Propose to enlarge YouSpace to other European countries. 


  1. Be a Space Mentor – Be a Space Mentee
    Build a mentoring relationship to accompany the Mentee in his/her professional research and favor the transfer of competences. 
  2. Meeting Space Mentors Space Mentees
    Twice a year YouSpace organizes a meeting between students, young professionals and senior professionals in order to benefit from advice and maybe contract a mentoring relationship.
    At this occasion, a call is organized giving each participant the opportunity to be identified and to favor useful contacts during the reception afterwards. 
  3. YouSpace in Universities
    Once a year, three professionals give a presentation in Belgian Universities about their core-business and experience in engineering, applications and research. All the students of the Faculties of Science and Applied Sciences are invited. 
  4. Switch to Space
    This action would be organized in collaboration with Universities, Companies, Research Centers and Institutions every 2 years to highlight the sector and to make space well-known to the students.