Code of ethics

Act in the interest of the mentee

The Mentor must place the Mentee’s interest first.

When the Mentor and the Mentee can no longer continue their relationship, they must inform YouSpace team as soon as possible for appropriate measures to be taken.

The Mentor must at all times protect the confidentiality of information delivered to him/her by the Mentee or by any other person having a business relation with him/her.

Inform YouSpace about your mentoring relationship

About conflicts of interests

For a better availability of the mentor it is recommended to have only one Mentee

Professors should not Mentorone of his/her students

A Mentor cannot accept supervising a Mentee if there is any conflict of interest

A Mentor cannot use the mentoring program to develop his own business (he can of course offer an internship to the Mentee).

About compensation and renumeration

The Mentor is a volunteer and therefore doesn’t get any advantage, reward or compensation. Travel costs will not be reimbursed for his/her support.