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  • Alain
    We regularly meet to discuss on aerospace engineering. Our shared passion for engineering brings interesting discussions that we both appreciate. The YouSpace mentorship provided a unique way in Belgium to create a long-term relationship to help François to make choices and get some help in his future career. As a retired engineer, this relationship allows me to make my space experience fruitful, and that is very satisfying.
    ULg –Visiting Lecturer
    François Piette - Mentee - Youspace
    For student engineers I believe it is not easy to grasp what is the relationship between the education and the industry. By discussing with Alain I could finally grasp this idea. This YouSpace mentorship brought a unique friendship. As a young engineer that is about to enter the industrial world, I believe that the discussions with my Mentor are a valuable help to prepare me to my future career.
    ULg – Aerospace Engineer
  • Natacha Callens - Youspace
    I really enjoyed being a YouSpace mentor. It was very nice to exchange with Aurélien, answer his questions and share with him some of my knowledge. I could show him where I work and explain my day a day job. It also gave him the opportunity to visit an ESA site, meet some of my colleagues and learn about their own jobs. Aurelien seemed to enjoy this first contact with space professionals and I hope it motivated him to join the space sector in the future!
    ESA Academy's Training and Learning Centre Administrator
    Aurélien Soupart - Mentee - Youspace
    I was immediately impressed by the wide range of jobs the space sector has to offer! Natacha gave me more insights about what her job consists of, she also introduced me to other professionals. All these meetings helped me to get a more concrete idea of what the space sector and professional life both involve. YouSpace is a unique opportunity to discover the sector, to build a network and to take advantage of different occasions which wouldn’t happen by just remaining on University benches.
    UCL - Engineering in mechanics and applied mathematics

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