Mentorship conditions

The mentoring

A relationship of support to exchange and learn from an experienced person to acquire wisdom and reach professional objectives.

The Space Mentor should

  • Be experienced
  • Have a great deal of knowledge to transfer the acquired assets to a less experienced Mentee to help him/her to achieve his/her professional objectives
  • Be motivated to offer support, skills and vision of career to a younger person
  • Make the Student benefit from his contact network
  • Assist the Student in finding a topic for a Master or PhD thesis which can be related or not to the industry or laboratory needs
  • Should introduce the Student to the professional space sector and accompanies him/her in the various space events

The Space Mentee should

  • Be a Masters Student, PhD or a Young Professional interested in a career in the Space sector
  • Be motivated to learn from his Mentor’s knowledge, skills and values to achieve more easily his/her personal and professional goals
  • Wishes to become one day a Mentor

How can this mentorship be successful?

  • Being a Space Mentor and a Space Mentee means to:
  • Create a link of trust
  • Define the mentorship’s objectives
  • Create an effective relationship
  • Continue, modify or stop the relationship
  • Inform YouSpace about the mentoring relationship and its evolution
  • Keep the Mentor/Mentee involved and up-to-date
  • Meet through F2F, skype, video conferences…
  • Not expect the Mentor to do the home work
  • Perform his/her tasks on time
  • Can offer/accept an internship.