22th November 2017

Again a great even with ULB & VUB

Today, contrary to some beliefs, the space sector is in good shape and recruits!! Unfortunately, the lack of highly qualified graduates in our country, pushes the industry to look for talents abroad. Estimations indicate that 12.000 jobs will open up in the European space industry within the next 10 years.

You can be this talent! The mission of YouSpace is to give the opportunity to improve your future professional choice in the space sector by meeting, discussing and maybe contracting a mentoring relationship. Certainly the best way to help you to find your path!


18h30: Registration

19h00: Welcome and introduction of YouSpace – Chair of YouSpace Dominique Tilmans

19h05: Introduction of speakers and programme – Prof. Frank Dubois / Patrick Hendrick

19h10: Christophe Collette, FNRS-ULB, Vibration mitigation of space structures

19h35: Geraldine Mariën, Space Applications Services, “3, 2, 1 … lift off for a roadmap

to the ISS”

20h00: Riccardo Grazi, Executive Director of Vitrociset Belgium, ” Experience in the space of who has the time to come behind, but still the mind projected towards the future"