Youspace Support Women In Aerospace (WIA)

WIA Europe is part of a Global Network and based in Europe with collaborations around the world. We are an active ambassador for aerospace (Networking, Awards, Grants, Mentoring, Training, Lectures, Visits) and we join forces with partners and corporate members (Key players from agencies, academia and industry).

We are passionate about increasing diversity in the aerospace sector in all working positions. It offers the opportunities to expanding women’s visibility in terms of leadership and competence. Being a part of our ever-growing network means benefiting from our programmes and special member offers, as well as connecting with likeminded professionals through our local communities.

We organise regional events and participate to international events regularly featuring speakers and panel discussions on a broad spectrum of aerospace issues, including aeronautics, human spaceflight and exploration, science, remote sensing, telecommunications, robotic missions, commercial space, space tourism, and the policy issues surrounding these fields. Our Local Groups are strong, ever-growing and dynamic units that meet regularly for networking events, trainings and lectures. These events include professional trainings and workshops with qualified trainers and coaches, company visits, mentoring evenings or simply chatting over drinks and dinner. All local groups are free to organise a programme that matches the expectations of the local WIA community.

We offer various levels of individual and corporate membership, with benefits for both the corporate members and their employees.